No alcohol to be consumed on the pools

We ask that all clubs – open and pleasure anglers visiting Wigmore take note of the fishery site rules and match rules – random checks will be in place and as such anglers and clubs in breach of any of the rules will be asked to leave the fishery without refund.

Wigmore lakes fishery bares no responsibility for loss of or damage caused to vehicles or tackle items on site.

Abuse to fishery or site staff will not be tolerated and will result in a life time ban.

On match day, all clubs are to register their presence and pay any peg fees owed less deposit before drawing or moving to the booked lake.

Fishery / match rules –  fish welfare at Wigmore lakes is paramount

Fishery site rules –

1)  please purchase day tickets from the warden or reception before fishing

2) due to new insurance policies we can no longer allow any individual under the age of sixteen to be present on site without being accompanied by an adult parent or suitable guardian.

3) please drive and park sensibly on site

4) a common sense approach to the fishery / rules has been adopted and we ask that all anglers show the same respect

Match rules

All nets must be dipped on arrival no exception

1) keepnets are only allowed in matches and must not be entered into the water until ten minutes before the start of the match, we ask all anglers to lay their nets out before this time

2) keepnet rules in all matches as follows – there is a sixty pound limit in each net between 60lb and 70lb the weight counts as 60lb only. Any angler with more than 70lb in an individual net will have that weight disqualified, three nets must be entered at the start of the match, no exceptions. Fish split as follows one net solely for silver fish, small barbel and anything under 1lb in weight, the other two nets are to be used 50/50 for all other carp f1s and big fish.

3) when weighing in – fish must be – either swam up the keepnet in the water or a lower ring pulled through anglers and weighers are asked to ensure the fish stocks are not weighed or dropped on the hard standing please use the grass or a net bag as a base when weighing.

4) clubs may take photos of the catches however all barbel are to be returned immediately please use common sense and do not keep the stocks out of the water for an unnecessary amount of time.

5) every fish hooked must be netted no swinging of fish please

6) barbless hooks only maximum size 14 no exception

7) tapping the water is not allowed when fishing shallow

8) every match fished is five hours duration no exception

9) a late draw is allowed but must be agreed prior to arrival

10)  fishing from platforms only

11)  16mtr pole limit on all lakes

12)  no elasticated feeders allowed including the new “safe” versions

13) anglers may not use a pole pot to feed whilst fishing with a baited hook in the water (rod or pole)


Bait rules

We have a strict eight pint bait limit in force at all matches club and open – we ask that all anglers abide by this rule – groundbait is counted within this quota – all we ask is that you are sensible with the amounts being fed – and don’t discard unused bait in mass quantities after the match – anyone wishing to lodge a complaint at any of the open matches or events regarding a neighbouring anglers bait must do so before the start of the match no complaint will be heard after the all out.

1) fishery feed pellet only (available in the site shop), any hook pellet expander or otherwise allowed.

2) groundbait / sloppy bread allowed fed in moderation by any means as long as the amount and method does not affect any other competitors swim groundbait is included in the eight pint limit.

3) bloodworm / joker banned

4) paste in all its forms banned at all main lakes and in all open matches – this bait is allowed at the clay pit in club matches and pleasure sessions

5) meat in all forms is totally banned on site

6) pop up baits allowed, no surface baits, feeding floating baits is not allowed