Everyone welcome to our matches, please call Barry 07454599919 to book in or Bob on 07790637013. You must book in on the Friday prior to the match.

Friday 14th June
J. Booth 83.09
C. England 81.07
B. Hubbard 65.02
D. Spencer 45.12
B. love 44.04

J. Heath 88.15
D. Williams 51.06
C. England 40.15
k. Foulkner 40.02

Friday 07.06.24

J. Andrews 64.04
S. Hands 42.09
A. Slater 38.14
B. Love 38.04

Sunday 09.06.24
C. England 47.01
Keeno 39.11
B. Hubbard 38.15
D. Spencer 28.05

Friday 31.05.24
C. England 130.14
K. Melville 95.07
J. Edwards 74.07
D. Williams 63.11

Sunday 02.06.24
C. England 76.10
K. Foulkner 42.06
J. Roden 40.11
J. Heath 39.09

Friday 24.05.24

wow was it close!
S. Kucharski 44.08
Bob 43.02
J. Roden 43.01
S. Hands 42.09

Sunday 26.05.24
C. England 82.10
S. Hands 69.14
K. Faulkner 64.10
Jarrod 55.11

Friday 10.5.24
K. Faulkner 88.03
C. England 58.03
J. Andrews 50.13
D. Williams 47.15
J. Edwards 41.09

Sunday 12.05.24
C. England 63.05
S. Hands 54.10
J. Heath 46.15
R. Hubbard 37.01

Friday 3rd May 24
K. Melville 77.06
S. Hands 61.12
D. Williams 46.12
Eddy 45.12
Mick 45.05

Sunday 5th May
E. Edwards 47.00
J. Edwards 46.05
D. Williams 45.04
A. Slater 34.09
C. Parks 33.06

Sunday 28.04.24
B Love 61.15
J Heath 50.07
C England 46.02

Friday 26.04.24
Colin England 85.12
K Melville 75.07
John 56.07
Steve 55.02

Whopping weights this week
Colin England 95.06
Andy 64.14
K Melville 59.10
B Love 56.08
P. Harris 25.06

Sunday 21/04/24 Silvers only match on the specimen pool
M Bennet 22.04
C. England 20.07
J. Heath 20.02
J Beasty 14.10


A Woods 69.12
Keeno 65.10
D Williams 59.00
K Pilsbury 55.12

Kev Melvile 70.11
Colin England 60.09
Barry Love 47.10
Andy 35.00

10am draw, fish 11-5. Please book in with Barry or Bob. Please arrive by 9.00

Jason Heath 58.7
Chris Wat 45.9
Stef Dav 40.9
Steve Hands 35.4
Stu Purcel 33.1

10/02/2024 weights are starting to creep up as the weather gets slightly warmer!
Jason 46.1
Dan 30.12
Kev 24.8


Keeno 43.2
Kev Pilsbury 32.12
Jason 27.01
Billy Ward 26.8


Keano 46.1
Dan 42.3
Bob Hill 31.9
Colin 26.9


Billy Ward 44lb
Dave Spencer 33lb
Kev Pilsbury 28.11lb


Kev Pilsbury 43.2
Dave Spencer 40.15
Colin England 23.2
Jason Heath 20.5

Billy Ward 40.7
Bob Hubbard 32.1
Colin England 30.10
Jason Heath 30.3

Colin England 38.15
Bill Ward 13.3
Dan Williams 12.2


Kev Pilsbury 58.3
Glyn Watts53.11
Ian Ward 43.10
Bill Ward 41.5


J Heath 118.15lb
R. Darlington 42.09
B. Hill 36.07
B. Ward 34.12

D. Williams 51.09
C. England 43.02
J. Heath 30.07
B. Hubbard 18.07

C. England 70.15
P. Derbyshire 53.14
B Love 48.02

B Ward 47.06
C Conyard 46.14
J Beesty 45.08
Keeno 44.10

Thursday matches start in two weeks for the over 55’s. Please call Bob or Barry to book in.
Liam 64.02lb
Colin England 40.12lb
B. Love 32.14lb
C Watson 30.02lb

8th September 2023
Romeo 48.15lb
Pete 28.11lb

K. Pilsbury 85.02lb
C England 45.10lb
C Watson 43.05lb
S Davies 41.08lb

C England 128.03
P Derbyshire 47.13
B Love 37.10

C England 36.15
M Bennett 26.11
J Heath 25.14
J Darlington 25.03

C Watson 47.05
P Derbyshire 37.10
B ward 28.00

C England 102.04
P Derbyshire 56.08
J Andrews 53.13

Keeno 40.13
Watson 20.08
Bob Hubbard 19.08


Colin England 63.36lb
Speedy 37.90lb
Jason Heath 36.83
J Edwards 32.29

Friday 7/6/23
Romeo 126.14lb
J. Heath 93.12lb
P Derbyshire 61.07lb

Sunday 09/07/2023
B Ward 42.14lb
Keeno 34.07lb
I Ward 31.09lb

Friday 23/06/23
Colin England 126.06lb
Jason Heath 89.02lb
L. Reynolds 78.02lb

Sunday 25.06.23
Keeno 78.14lb
Romeo 64.12lb
B Love 47.00
L Reynolds 45.02

Fridays 16/6/23 results;
Keeno 85.01
S Davies 74.11
Bob 43.09

Sunday 18.6.23
Colin England 54.02
Keeno 47.085
J Roden 43.08
J Heath 41.08

NEW FISH MONDAY!! We had a delivery of fish this morning so come and see if you can catch them!

Friday 9/6/23
1st 47.09 Jason Heath
2nd 43.08 Barry Love
3rd 37.08 Colin England

Sunday 11/6/23
1st Jason Heath 39.14
2nd C Hall 27.02
3rd C Sprigg 23.08

1st 42.08lb Kev
2nd 33.15lb Colin England
3rd 29.13lb D. Perks

1st Keeno 27.04lb
2nd D Williams 22.08lb
3rd B Hubbard 21.14lb
4th J Edwards 8.08lb

1st J Edwards 51.04lb
2nd B Love 41.00lb
3rd Bob Hubbard 30.00lb

1st J Heath 55.14lb
2nd J Edwards 31.03lb
3rd C Davies 20.14lb
4th Keeno 17.10lb

Friday 12th
1st D Williams 57.07lb
2nd B. Love 56.06lb
3rd Jason 42.14lb

Sunday 14th
1st Keeno 58.0lb
2nd K Pilsbury 38.08lb
3rd Steph 36.04lb

The winner was:
Simon with 35.10lb
2nd Barry Love 20.07lb
3rd Jason Heath 19.11lb

Sunday 07/05/2023
1St C. England 76.11lb
2nd Jason Heath 45.08lb
3rd Kev M 45.01lb

Friday Night matches start this Friday!

Fish 3.30pm until 8pm

Sunday 10am draw and fish 11-5pm

Bank Holiday Carp Match 10am and fish 11-5pm

Contact Barry 07454599919 to book in!

1st Colin England 58.05lb
2nd Jason Heath 38.04lb
3rd D Williams 28.04lb

1st J Edwards
2nd C England 44.03lb
3rd J Heath 33.05lb
4th R Ward 30.02
The weights were really close this week!

16th April 2023
1st Jason Heath 24.06lb
2nd Bob Hill 23.05lb
3rd Colin England and Dave Spencer 19.15lb
It was cold again this week with a lot of rain keeping the pool temperature down.

2nd April 2023

1st Colin England 94lb
2nd Dan 15.2lb
3rd Speedy 11.10lb
4th B. Hubbard 6.9lb


1st P. Pilsbury 35.15lb
2nd R. Hubbard 27.9lb
3rd C. England 25.13lb
4th J. Heath 15.10lb

19th March results

1st Steph 93.05ib
2nd Jason 49.3lb
3rd Colin England 39.02lb
4th Keeno 36.05lb

Great weights this week!!!

12th March 2023
1st Colin England 59.7lb
2nd Keano 45.5lb
3rd Richie 10.8lb
4th Bob 8.12lb
Considering the water temperature was cold and the water level is higher by a foot the weights are pretty exceptional.

6th March 2023

1st Jason Heath 45lb
2nd Bob Hubbard 34.4lb
3rd Colin England 30lb
4th Frank Spencer 15lb

27th February 2023

1st Stef Davies 44-10
2nd Andy Woods 18-7
3rd Mick Keene 15-4
4th Kev Pilsbury 10-14

19th February 2023

1st Place Nathan 36.5lb
2nd place Keano 28.15lb
3rd Jason Heath 26.13lb
4th Brian 15.7lb

12/2/23 Match Results

You could tell the weather was colder this week!

1st Keano 35.11lb

2nd Steph Davis 29.14lb

3rd Colin England 24lb




5/2/23 Match results

1st Place John Edwards 41lbs

2nd Mike Keeno with 29.7lbs

3rd Bob Hill with 29lb